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General knowledge
   English language
  Difficult words on A
  Difficult words on B
  Difficult words on C
  Difficult words on D
  Difficult words on E
  Difficult words on F
  Difficult words on G
  Difficult words on H
  Difficult words on I
  Difficult words on J
  Difficult words on K
  Difficult words on L
  Difficult words on M
  Difficult words on N
  Difficult words on O
  Difficult words on P
  Difficult words on Q
  Difficult words on R
  Difficult words on S
  Difficult words on T
  Difficult words on U
  Difficult words on V
  Difficult words on W
  Difficult words on X
  Difficult words on Y
  Difficult words on Z
General Knowledge Quizzes
   1001 Inventions That Changed The World
  Cars, Advanced
  Cars, Intermediate
  Clothing and Fabric, Advanced
  Clothing and Fabric, Intermediate
  Farming, Intermediate
  Food, Drink, and Cooking, Advanced
  Food, Drink, and Cooking, Intermediate
  Home Life, Advanced
  Home Life, Easy
  Home Life, Intermediate
  Home Life, Intermediate +
  Medical Discoveries, Advanced
  Medical Discoveries, Advanced +
  Medical Discoveries, Easy
  Medical Discoveries, Intermediate
  Medical Discoveries, Intermediate +
  Photo, Film and Video, Advanced
  Photo, Film and Video, Intermediate
  Sport and Recreation, Advanced
  Sport and Recreation, Intermediate
  Tools, Advanced
  Weapons and Warfare, Advanced
  Weapons and Warfare, Intermediate
   American History
  American Explorers from the Vikings to the Pilgrims 18+
  American Presidents, Advanced
  American Presidents, Easy
  American Presidents, Intermediate
  American Revolution, Advanced
  American Revolution, Easy
  American Revolution, Intermediate
  California History 10 - 13
  Colonial Times 18+
  North American Indians, Advanced
  North American Indians, Easy
  North American Indians, Intermediate
  The Civil War, Advanced
  The Civil War, Easy
  The Civil War, Intermediate
  Amphibians 6 - 9
  Amphibians 10 - 13
  Birds 6 - 9
  Diabolical Fish, Easy
  Dog breeds 10 - 13
  Dog breeds 14 - 17
  Fish 6 - 9
  Insects 6 - 9
  Invertebrates 6 - 9
  Mammals 6 - 9
  Mammals 10 - 13
  North American Birds, Advanced
  North American Birds, Easy
  North American Birds, Intermediate
  Reptiles 6 - 9
  Reptiles 10 - 13
  Tropical Fish, Easy
  Famous Architects, Advanced
  Famous Architects, Easy
  Famous Architects, Intermediate
  Famous Buildings 10 - 13
  Famous Buildings 14 - 17
  Famous Buildings, Advanced
  Famous Paintings, Advanced
  Famous Paintings, Easy
  Famous Paintings, Intermediate
  Famous Sculptures, Advanced
  Famous Sculptures, Easy
  Famous Sculptures, Intermediate
  Modern Paintings, Easy
   Earth science
  Earthquakes and Volcanos 10 - 13
  Earthquakes and Volcanos 14 - 17
  Earthquakes and Volcanos 18+
  Geological Time 14 - 17
  Rocks and Minerals 6 - 9
  Rocks and Minerals 10 - 13
  Weather 6 - 9
  Fashion of the 1900's, Advanced
  Fashion of the 1900's, Easy
  Fashion of the 1900's, Intermediate
   Food and nutrition
  Food, Advanced
  Food, Easy
  Food, Intermediate
  Food, Intermediate +
  Nutrition, Advanced
  Nutrition, Easy
  Nutrition, Intermediate
  Nutrition, Intermediate +
  Famous Beaches 18+
  Mountains, Easy
  Rivers, Easy
  Rivers, Intermediate
  State capitals 10 - 13
  State capitals 14 - 17
  State capitals 18+
  The Earth: Biggest, Highest, Deepest, Longest 10 - 13
  The Earth: Biggest, Highest, Deepest, Longest 14 - 17
  The Earth: Biggest, Highest, Deepest, Longest 18+
  World Capitals 10 - 13
  World Capitals 14 - 17
  World Capitals 18+
   Literature and Language
  Famous Author's Pseudonyms, Intermediate
  Great Books, Advanced
  Great Books, Easy
  Great Books, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Intermediate
  Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Intermediate
  Harry Potter Characters, Intermediate
  Harry Potter Spells, Intermediate
  Poetry, Advanced
  Poetry, Advanced +
  Poetry, Easy
  Poetry, Intermediate
  Proverbs and Sayings, Advanced
  Proverbs and Sayings, Easy
  Proverbs and Sayings, Easy +
  Proverbs and Sayings, Intermediate
  Shakespeare's Characters, Advanced
  Shakespeare's Characters, Easy
  Shakespeare's Characters, Intermediate
  Shakespeare's Characters, Intermediate +
  Shakespearean Insults, Intermediate
  Shakespearean Love Quotes, Intermediate
  Who Created the Character?, Advanced
  Who Created the Character?, Easy
  Who Created the Character?, Intermediate
  Who Created the Character?, Intermediate +
  Geometry: Plane shapes 10 - 13
  Geometry: Solid shapes 10 - 13
  Weights and measurements 10 - 13
   Medicine and the Human Body
  Cells 10 - 13
  Cells 14 - 17
  Diseases, Advanced
  Diseases, Advanced +
  Diseases, Easy
  Diseases, Intermediate
  Parts of the Body, Advanced
  Parts of the Body, Easy
  Parts of the Body, Intermediate
  The Organs 10 -13
  The Organs 14 - 17
  The Organs 18+
   Movies and theatre
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1930's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1940's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1950's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1960's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1970's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1980's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 1990's, Easy
  Famous Hollywood Quotes, 2000's, Easy
  Foreign Film Directors, Easy
  Leading Ladies, Advanced
  Leading Ladies, Easy
  Leading Ladies, Intermediate
  Leading Ladies, Intermediate +
  Leading Men, Advanced
  Leading Men, Easy
  Leading Men, Intermediate
  Leading Men, Intermediate +
  Oscar-Winning Films, Advanced
  Oscar-Winning Films, Easy
  Oscar-Winning Films, Intermediate
  The Dawn of Film 18+
  Bach, Easy
  Beethoven, Easy
  Handel, Easy
  Liszt, Easy
  Mozart, Easy
  Tchaikovsky, Easy
  Vivaldi, easy
  Greek Mythology, Easy
  Greek Mythology, Intermediate
  Greek Mythology, Intermediate +
  Norse Mythology, Advanced
  Norse Mythology, Easy
  Norse Mythology, Intermediate
   News, Politics and World Events
  100 Events That Shook the World, 1900's - 1960's, Advanced +
  100 Events That Shook the World, 1970's - 1980's, Advanced +
  100 Events That Shook the World, Advanced
  100 Events That Shook the World, Easy
  100 Events That Shook the World, Intermediate
  100 Events That Shook the World, Intermediate +
   Physical science
  Chemistry, Easy
  Chemistry, Intermediate
  Pioneers in Chemistry 18+
  Pioneers of Physics 18+
  California Wildflowers, Easy
  Desert Wildflowers, Easy
  Hawaiian Flowers, Easy
  New England Wildflowers, Easy
  North American Trees, Advanced
  North American Trees, Easy
  North American Trees, Intermediate
  Plants 6 - 9
  Prairie Wildflowers, Easy
  Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, Easy
  Southern Wildflowers, Easy
  Tropical Fruits, Easy
  Tropical Fruits, Intermediate
   Religion and Philosophy
  Buddhism 10- 13
  Christianity 10 - 13
  Daoism, Confucianism and Legalism 10 - 13
  Hinduism 10 - 13
  Judaism 10 - 13
  The Birth of Philosophy, Easy
  The Reformation, Easy
  The Solar System 6 - 9
  The Solar System 10 - 13
  The Solar System 14 - 17
  The Solar System 18+
   World Cultures
  Flags, Advanced
  Flags, Easy
  Flags, Intermediate
   World History
  Ancient Egypt, Advanced
  Ancient Egypt, Easy
  Ancient Egypt, Intermediate
  Ancient Greece, Easy
  Ancient Greece, Intermediate
  Early American Civilizations, Intermediate
  Genghis Khan, Intermediate
  History of Great Britain, Advanced
  History of Great Britain, Advanced +
  History of Great Britain, Advanced ++
  History of Great Britain, Easy
  History of Great Britain, Intermediate
  Mesopotamia, Easy
  Rome - From Republic to Empire, Easy
  Rome, Advanced
  Rome, Intermediate
  Rome, Intermediate +
  World War II, Advanced
  World War II, Advanced +
  World War II, Easy
  World War II, Intermediate
  World War II, Intermediate +
Software Skills
  Skype - eliminating your phone bills
   Image processing
  Adobe Photoshop CS2 Basic
  How to work with your digital camera
   Microsoft Office 2003
  Learn Microsoft Outlook 2003
  Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
  Microsoft Access 2003 Advanced
  Microsoft Access 2003 Basic
  Microsoft Excel 2003 Advanced
  Microsoft Excel 2003 Basic
  Microsoft Word 2003 Advanced
  Microsoft Word 2003 Basic
   Microsoft Office 2007
  Learn Microsoft Excel 2007 - Basics
  Learn Microsoft Outlook 2007
  Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
  Learn Microsoft Word 2007 - Basics
   Microsoft Office 97/2000
  Advanced Microsoft Excel 97
  Basics in Microsoft Excel 97
  Basics in Microsoft Word for Office 2000
  Present it with Microsoft Powerpoint for Office 2000

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